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21 Day Fix Review – Day 1 – Meal Plan and Cardio Workout Review

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21 Day Fix Day 1 Review

Whew! Day 1 is done of the 21 Day Fix! I will not lie—I was really terrified about this reading it last night. But once I did everything, it really was much easier than I had thought.

My particular plan is the 1200 Calorie-Target plan. That means my servings are 3,2,4,2,1,1,2 (see top of image below). If you need a breakdown of how this system works, I explain the bins and what they mean over HERE.

21 Day Fix Meal PlanTHE FOOD21 Day Fix Boxes


Oatmeal cooked with cinnamon and vanilla topped with slivered almonds and an apple that was sliced and microwaved with some cinnamon (complete video is over in my article explaining the 21 Day Fix system). Served with 2 eggs.

YELLOW: Oats were enough to fill the container

BLUE: almonds filled half of the container

PURPLE: apple filled purple container

RED: eggs filled the red container (it just says 2 eggs=red container portion).

I woke up late, so Bfast was at 10 and I didn’t have time for a snack, so that was skipped

Lunch: 21 Day Fix Lunch

RED: 3/4 can of tuna (to fill 3/4 of red)&  greek yogurt to fill the rest

GREEN: chopped carrots and celery to fill 3/4  and the rest was mixed lettuce.

Mixed all but the lettuce (this I put on top at the end.

YELLOW: Served on 1 slice of sprouted whole wheat bread

NOTE: This was a LOT to eat. I think next time I’d just do half a container of the tuna+yogurt and save 1/2 serving of protein for later or have a different protein source on the side.


RED: 1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology21 Day Fix Snack Idea

1 cup almond milk (this kind of breaks the plan because normally you only can have this 3X a week, but I just can’t have Shakeology without almond milk. But I am hoping my extra T25 workouts help balance out the extra calories)

TEASPOON: 1t Peanut Butter

1 cup of water and 1/2 cup ice

Blended all of that for my Shake (I much prefer chocolate and strawberry
21 Day Fix Dinner Ideas
Shakeology, but we are out! But this will suffice!)


Vegetable and Chicken soup
GREEN: 1 container mixed vegetables (carrots, celery, green beans, onion, kale, garlic)

RED: 1 container shredded chicken breast

I made everything in one pot for the family, but it helped to portion out my chicken in the red container and set it aside, and then ladle out the vegetables and fill the green container. Then I topped it off with a little broth. Was so easy! I was really worried cooking for family would be difficult—this certainly challenged me to make something different and re-think my portions, but I am so glad dinner wasn’t boring for us!

21 Day Fix Dinner

SnackSnack Ideas

OK so we have movie night at home every night and whip up a yummy batch of lime olive oil popcorn (SO good!), but I didn’t have a container for that–so I had to pick something else.

GREEN: baby carrots

BLUE: filled halfway with almonds

ORANGE: pumpkin seeds

Actually I couldn’t finish it all!

Notes on Eating

I was actually surprised–I thought I would feel really deprived today, but I actually couldn’t eat all of my stuff. I am pretty bummed that I only get 2 yellow containers for carbs. But this is pushing me to fill meals with other foods, so maybe I need this a little. I certainly don’t think the whole 2-yellow containers will be  a long-term thing for me, but I am grateful for how it is pushing me past my comfort zone (like tonight, when I would normally add noodles to our soup or eat that popcorn!)


So ACK, I didn’t realize until AFTER doing the “Total Cardio Fix” that there is another workout called “Cardio Fix.” I just saw Cardio and assumed that was it (it was also in the DVD on the left, which with Beach Body products that’s normally the first disc you start with). So sorry! The review below is for a workout that would normally be done LATER in the week. Awe heck, let’s just make me feel better by calling me an overachiever for jumping ahead!

Here is the structure of the workout:

You do a quick warmup where you do some moves like windmills and jumping jacks.

Then the base of the workout consists of 3 rounds. In each round you do 2 moves for a minute and do that 2 times. The great thing about this workout is that there is a 20 second break in between each move. The part I struggled with is I am a gal who likes 30 second intervals—it’s tough to get through a minute! But that’s why I like the breaks that at least help me recover.

Moves include many moves I do in T25, so it wasn’t too unfamiliar: high knees, crossjacks, reverse lunges, etc.

The real kicker is in the end she says there’s one more, but then she tricks ya and throws in a bonus round (I hope I’m not giving anything away–I just want you to get a heads up so you don’t curse at the TV like I did). Bonus round consists of planks where you go down on your elbows and back up again.

Overall impression: I found that I did the modifier about 25% of the time. It really does push you and I like structured workouts where you know what you are doing and it is in rounds and intervals. I really like the breaks 🙂 I think the part I like the least are the 1-minute intervals. But this workout really did push me.

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