Do You Want a Weight Loss Book That Actually Works?

Walk into ANY bookstore and you’ll see a giant aisle of health/fitness books. Most of which contradict one another. I now find myself walking away even more confused than I was when I first went in there looking for answers!!!

When I lost my 20 pounds, I learned one VERY important thing–there IS a book out there that has the key to answers about me…but that book—is written by ME. Just as your book is written by YOU. I know this isn’t the answer you want. I know you want a book that tells you the X, Y, and Z to do and poof, you get results. But if you think about it, this is far more empowering. But have no fear, I’m going to walk you through EXACTLY how you can do this to get you closer to your goals–also check out the end of this post if you want my free coaching to help you.

Here’s a video to explain a little about what to do:

Get a Calendar or Book

Find a calendar or book. I was telling you I use this Erin Condren one. But you can even use my free calendar template.

Write In It

Write in it what you ate, what workouts you did. If you “screwed up”–write a lesson you learned.

Have a Bad Day?

One of the BIGGEST mistakes we make with our health/fitness (myself included) is to take a bad day, chalk it up to a bad day, and start the next day fresh. When we do that, we miss out on a significant opportunity to learn about ourselves. This doesn’t mean we are beating ourselves up every time we go off plan–quite the opposite.

When you go off plan, take a moment and ask:

(1) “Am I ok with this? Was this just one tiny step off course and I’m good with that?”

(2) If the answer is no, then ask “What could I have done differently?”

Take that moment to reflect, then move on. At the end of the week you’ll come back to this lesson you learned and take action.

Reflect On Your Week

How did your week go? Did you find you consistently flubbed up on the same thing? What could you do differently to prevent that?

Set a Goal for the Next Week

Based on what you learned about yourself last week, set a goal for the following week related to that. Perhaps you ate out a lot–so maybe Sunday you should prep some freezer dinners? Maybe you didn’t workout at the end of the day, so perhaps try setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier in the morning and squeezing in a workout then?

Use the Calendar as a CELEBRATION of You

Make this book/calendar a celebration of YOU. Did you get in an extra workout? Put some squiggly lines and exclamation points around it!!!!!! Did you push yourself hard? Draw a giant star. This is your HAPPY PLACE! This is a place to celebrate all of those amazing changes you are making.

When it comes to your health/fitness journey, your attitude is everything. That is the momentum that keeps you going!


Replace Frustration with Learning

Did you screw up? Don’t beat yourself up on here. Remember, this is your HAPPY place. My sis in law one time had a sad face next to where she put “no workout” and I totally gave her a hard time! This isn’t about beating yourself up—is’t about examining what to do differently.

A failure is success if we LEARN from it

Failure is success if we learn from it

Learn about the unique things that work for YOU

By doing this, I learned the ODDEST things about myself—and some “duh, Tara” things as well. Let me share some of the things I learned to give you some ideas.

I learned that if I get in 4 particular drinks a day, I have next to NO sugar cravings.

One of those is WATER. If it have lots of water throughout the day, I’m not eating as much garbage

Weight Loss book that works

I also learned that having leftovers is KEY for me. It’s EVERYTHING for me. I NEED leftovers. So I keep some frozen so I have some on hand for me. Otherwise, my lunch gets off and therefore my whole day gets off
Weight Loss book that works

I need music in my workouts–it keeps me fun, and a little bit sassy
Weight Loss book that works

If my body is tired, I NEED TO NAP. I nap 2X a week with my son. When I’m tired, my body crumbles and I’ll eat anything in sight.Weight Loss book that works

Photos are my ultimate success tracker. I kept weighing myself and didn’t understand why I THOUGHT I looked ok, but the scale didn’t budge (I know now that it’s because muscle takes up less space than fat, so I could be inches smaller–like I was in this photo below–but not losing “weight”).Weight Loss book that works

Get in a workout FIRST THING in the morning, otherwise it won’t happen!Weight Loss book that works

So there you have it—you now have the secret to writing the absolutely perfect book for YOU! Need some help with this? I’m accepting challengers for my next free 5- day challenge and I’d love to coach you in there. Fill out the application below and I’ll be in touch!

Fill out my online form.

Fill out my online form.

Weight loss book that works

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